The Art of Black & White in Lightroom Classic

by Andrew S. Gibson
Art of Black & White video course

Get started on your black and white journey now and enroll in The Art of Black and White in Lightroom Classic Video Course.

  • Learn how to make beautiful black and white photos in Lightroom Classic.
  • Ten downloadable video lessons5 DNG files and 1 PDF guide.
  • Over 80 minutes of premium video content.
  • Follow along with the demos using the included DNG files.
  • 60 day money back guarantee.
  • Take the course at your own pace – there’s no course schedule or finishing date. Binge watch in one evening or watch one video a week – it’s up to you!
  • Full support – ask me anything you like about Lightroom or the lesson content.
  • Easily digestable video lessons. Most of the videos are less than ten minutes long. Watch one a day to become a black and white master in Lightroom!

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Course modules

Black & white video course

1. Seeing in B&W: The first step to creating great black and white photos is learning to see in black and white. This lesson explains what this means and how to do it.

Black & white video course

2. Getting Started: Learn how to prepare your photos before you convert them to black and white for optimum results.

Black & white video course

3. The Basic Panel and Local Adjustments: This video shows you how to use the Basic Panel and local adjustments to make your black and white photos pop.

Black & white video course

4. The B&W Panel: Learn how to use the B&W panel to take control of the tones in your black and white photos.

Black & white video course

5. The Tone Curve Panel: This video shows you how to use the Tone Curve Panel to adjust tones and create a funky matte effect.

Black & white video course

6. The Effects and Split Toning Panels: Learn how to apply a vignette or colorful split tone to your black and white photos.

Black & white video course

7. Demo #1 – Black and White Landscape: Now it’s time to put it all together with these practical demonstrations. DNG files are included so you can follow along.

Black & white video course

8. Demo #2 – Chairman Mao Watch: See how I developed this street photo taken in Shanghai.

Black & white video course

9. Demo #3 – B&W Portrait: Learn how I developed this black and white portait in Lightroom.

Black & white video course

10. Demo #4 – B&W Landscape: This video shows you some more techniques for developing black and white landscapes in Lightroom.

Meet your teacher

Andrew S. Gibson

My name’s Andrew and I’m a photographer, writer and teacher.

I’m passionate about photography and I love teaching other people how to create amazing images. My books have helped thousands of photographers just like you get better at their craft and learn how to use Lightroom Classic.

I’m looking forward to sharing all the secrets I’ve learned about creating beautiful black and white photos with you!

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