Ten Most Popular Lightroom Classic Tutorials in 2022

by Andrew S. Gibson
Popular Lightroom Classic tutorials

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At the end of the year I like to list the ten most popular Lightroom Classic tutorials on the website. Most of the site’s traffic comes from Google and my newsletters, so it tells you what is most popular both in search and with our readers. Plus it’s a great chance to catch up on any popular articles you’ve missed! Here’s the list (all links open in a new window or tab).

1. How To Migrate From Lightroom To Lightroom Classic

2. The Ultimate Guide to Using Smart Previews in Lightroom Classic

3. Why Does Lightroom Classic Take Up So Much Space? (Part 2)

4. How To Find Duplicate Images In Lightroom Classic

5. How To Use The Show Focus Points Plugin In Lightroom Classic

6. How to Move Photos and Folders in Lightroom Classic

7. The Complete Guide To Lightroom Classic Previews

8. 14 Hidden Lightroom Classic Shortcuts for the Develop Module

9. Why Does Lightroom Classic Take Up So Much Space? (Part 1)

10. How to Organize Your Photos With Lightroom Classic Collections

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