PowerBlack Presets for Luminar

by Andrew S. Gibson


PowerBlack Presets for Luminar


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Luminar by Skylum is a Lightroom and Photoshop alternative with powerful tools for creating black and white photos. But do you know how to use it to get the best results? You can get started with the PowerBlack Black & White Presets – a quick and easy way to create powerful black and white images in Luminar.

The PowerBlack presets help you in several ways.

  • They introduce Luminar’s filters. If you’re new to Luminar you need to find a way to get started and explore its potential. Presets let you do this by applying a high quality black and white conversion to your photos with a single click. You can then go and look at the settings each preset changes so you can see how the effect is obtained. This makes presets a great tool for learning to use Luminar’s filters.
  • Preserve highlight detail. Subtle highlight detail is an important part of many good black and white images. The PowerBlack presets help preserve that detail.
  • Add contrast and structure. Sometimes you need to add contrast and punch, especially in black and white. Some PowerBlack presets are soft and subtle, others add texture and grit.

The PowerBlack presets come with a 13 page PDF guide that explains how to install and use them in Luminar.

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The Guarantee

I’m so confident that my presets will help improve your photography that I give you an unconditional guarantee. If, for any reason, you’re not satisfied with your purchase just let me know within two months and I’ll refund the purchase price in full, no questions asked.

Before and after

Here are some examples showing what can be done with the PowerBlack presets.

[twenty20 img1=”6702″ img2=”6703″ offset=”0.5″]
[twenty20 img1=”6700″ img2=”6701″ offset=”0.5″]
[twenty20 img1=”6704″ img2=”6705″ offset=”0.5″]
[twenty20 img1=”6706″ img2=”6707″ width=”600px” offset=”0.5″]
[twenty20 img1=”6708″ img2=”6709″ width=”600px” offset=”0.5″]