Privacy Policy

by Andrew S. Gibson

Are you tired of all the legal gobbledydook that you find in most privacy policies? Then you’ll really like our plain English common sense privacy policy. It’s easy to understand so that you know exactly what data we collect and what we do with it.

What data do you collect?

If you subscribe to our newsletter then we have your email address, plus the details of which newsletters you have opened and read.

If you have purchased a product from our store we have your name as well as your email address, plus the details about which products you’ve downloaded.

What about credit card information?

All payments are handled by either PayPal or Stripe (for credit and debit card payments). We never see your credit card details and don’t have any record of them.

What do you do with the data you have?

The data we have is used to send our Mastering Lightroom email newsletter to our subscribers and to keep a record of any purchases you may have made. We keep a record of people who have unsubscribed from our newsletter so we know we don’t have permission to send it to you. If you make a purchase you may also receive transactional emails that provide you with download links, a receipt or let you know when a product has been updated.

Email address and store records are NEVER passed on or sold to anybody else, unless required to do so by law, or unless we sell the company, in which case they will be passed onto the buyer (we have no current plans to sell the company).

Is the data held securely?

Your data is held securely by our email newsletter software provider, EmailOctopus, and our shopping cart software supplier, SendOwl. Your credit card data is kept secure by PayPal or Stripe. We also keep secure on-site backups of subscription and purchase data. All our third-party service providers are fully GDPR compliant.

How long are you going to hold our data?

We will hold our data about newsletter subscriptions for as long as the company is in existence, which will hopefully be many decades! We’ll also keep our purchase data for the same period of time so we can let you know if there are any updates to your products. You do however have a right to be forgotten, which is covered below.

What about your cookie policy?

We use cookies on this website for analytics purposes. That means we use anonymous data to keep a record of how many people visit our website and which pages they visit. We also use cookies to enable the shopping cart in the store.

What responsibilities do you have with our data?

We understand the importance of protecting your personal information. We promise to adhere to this privacy policy at all times to ensure your personal information is effectively safeguarded.

What rights do we have regarding our data?

You have the right to know what personal data we hold about you. It’s outlined in the information above, and you can get in touch using the email address below if you’d like more detail. If you’re an EU resident you also have the right to be forgotten, which means we delete any data we hold about you unless we need to keep it for legal reasons (for example, we need to keep all purchase data for at least six years in case of an audit). If you’d like to be forgotten, then please get in touch with us using the email address below.

What if we have a complaint about the way you handle our data?

Hopefully that won’t happen as we are very careful about how we look after your data. But if you do please get in touch using the email address below so we can solve the problem for you. If we’re unable to help, you also have the right to lodge a complaint with the UK’s supervisory authority, the Information Commissioner’s Office.

Contact details

If you have any questions about your personal data or our privacy policy then please get in touch using the email address andrew [at]