Q&A: How to Delete Empty Folders From Hard Drives

by Andrew S. Gibson

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Frank: I save my photos in folders organized by years. I need to cull some images from previous years, which has left some folders empty. How can I delete those empty folders from my Catalog in Lightroom Classic?

Andrew: Go to an empty folder in the Folders panel in the Library module, right-click on the folder name and select Remove to remove it from the Lightroom Classic Catalog. This removes it from the Catalog and deletes it from your hard drive. 

Remove empty folders Lightroom Classic

Note that Lightroom Classic only deletes empty folders. If you remove a folder that contains photos, then Lightroom Classic a window pops up to let you know that you’re removing the folder from your Catalog but that it won’t be deleted from your hard drive.

Remove empty folders Lightroom Classic
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