Powerful New Masking Tools Coming to Lightroom Classic

by Andrew S. Gibson
Powerful New Masking Tools Coming to Lightroom Classic

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Adobe has announced that powerful new masking tools are coming to Lightroom Classic later this month.

I recommend that every photographer learns how to make local adjustments in Lightroom Classic. They’re a powerful tool that can make any photo better. I’m excited about this update, and I think you should be too.

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So what can we expect from the new update? Here’s a summary.

1. New AI based masks

The use of artificial intelligence in post-processing software is increasing. Adobe has already applied it in Photoshop with the Select Subject and Select Sky commands. 

Select sky masking tool Photoshop

These are now coming to Lightroom Classic.

2. New Masks panel

The current local adjustment tools move to a new Masks panel, along with all the new masking tools. 

It’s going to be easier to see mask overlays, and organize and keep track of all your local adjustments.

3. Mask groups

You’ll be able to invert, combine or subtract masks. That makes it a lot easier to work on photos like the one below.

Landscape photo

For me, this is the most interesting aspect of the new masking tools. I’m looking forward to bringing you plenty of practical examples of how to use them.

 4. Global range masks

Currently, you can only apply a range mask inside a local adjustment. After the update you’ll be able to apply them across the entire photo. 

5. Available across the Lightroom ecosystem

These new tools will be available across the Lightroom ecosystem. You’ll see then in Adobe Camera Raw (ACR),  the Lightroom app and Lightroom for mobile as well as Lightroom Classic.

You can catch up with the Adobe announcement here, where there’s also a short video explaining some of the new features.

Adobe will start pushing out the update on October 26.

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